Your Quick Guide to Denture Care and Maintenance

January 16, 2021

Losing teeth due to tooth decay or injury does more than just negatively impact your self-confidence. It also makes it hard for you to converse with others, enjoy your food, and so on. It is in these situations that dentures are particularly helpful. 

Dental dentures are prosthetic devices designed to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues. They take the form of and imitate the function of your natural teeth, enabling you to eat, speak, and smile confidently. 

Since they play such a crucial role in your daily life, you need to take proper care of them. Following the best practices in maintaining your dentures will go a long way in keeping them in good condition for a long time. 

On that note, here are some smart tips you should follow to make your dental dentures last:  

Clean Them Every Night 

Just like your natural teeth, prosthetic teeth are also subject to wear and tear from daily use. Aside from that, food debris can get lodged in between them, leading to plaque and tartar buildup. They may also suffer from discoloration when you eat pigmented food and drinks. 

Cleaning them at least every night, before you go to bed, can help keep them beautiful and in good condition. However, you can preserve your dentures better by cleaning them after every meal. Rinsing them thoroughly after drinking wine or coffee is also a great idea. Doing so helps you reduce risks of bacteria growth inside your mouth and discoloration in your teeth.  

Brush Them Properly 

When brushing your fake teeth, you must be extremely careful.

You have to use a special denture-cleaning brush to clean them; this is the perfect choice for dentures because it is shaped to clean them effectively. If you do not have this at home, you may use a regular soft-bristled toothbrush. Never use those with hard bristles as they can scratch your dentures. 

Then, always handle your fake teeth with care as they are fragile. Exerting force, although unintentionally, can easily bend or chip them. 

It’s also a good idea to place a towel on the surface of your counter when cleaning them. This provides a cushion for your dentures in case they slip out of your hand as you clean them. 

Store Them in Water Overnight 

Contrary to popular belief, you must not leave your dentures out to dry. They are supposed to be stored in a moist environment to maintain their shape. 

Considering this, it’s a great idea to leave your dentures in an overnight cleaning solution or in water. Never sleep with your dentures in your mouth; doing so can cause irritation to your gums. On top of that, this can also damage your fake teeth, especially if you have the habit of grinding your teeth at night.

Know When It’s Time to Replace Them 

With all of those tips said, it pays to remember that dentures are not meant to last forever. Even the most well-maintained prosthetic teeth will start to show signs of wear and tear eventually. 

You will need to have a new denture if your current ones have become worn out, stained, or chipped. You may also want to re-fit your dentures if they have started to feel uncomfortable. Simply explain your case to your trusted dentist and he will be able to address your issue appropriately. 


Your dentures play an important role in restoring your smile and letting you confidently eat and speak again. Considering this, taking care of them properly will enable you to enjoy the benefits they bring for a longer time. However, you should also know when they have served their purpose and no longer fit you. Ultimately, regardless of your case, know that you can approach your local dentist to get the dental solution you need. 

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