Why You Should See a Dentist for Your Wisdom Teeth

January 25, 2021

Wisdom teeth are a nuisance, often erupting unexpectedly and causing extreme discomfort. In some cases, people have difficulty chewing their food and conducting day to day activities because of the pain in their jaw. Indeed, it appears that most of the “wisdom” brought about by these new teeth is the experience of pain!

In the long run, wisdom teeth can also cause complications to your jaw and gums. This is why it’s important to have it examined, especially if it’s causing you a lot of discomfort.

Here are some common issues that are caused by their growth and why you need to look for affordable dental services when you feel it growing out:


A partially erupted wisdom tooth can form gaps between the tooth and the surrounding gum. This gives smaller particles of food or debris the opportunity to slip into the openings and fester, leading to an infection under the gumline once the food begins to rot.

In this scenario, your first option would be to go for an extraction. However, sometimes it is advisable to clean the area first and relieve any discomfort that has resulted from the associated infection.


Impacted teeth refer to a tooth that is trying to grow out your gums, but is doing so at an incorrect angle. This means that the crown of your wisdom tooth crashes into the roots of a nearby tooth. 

If your dentist has reason to suspect that you are suffering from an impaction, they will have an x-ray of your teeth and jaw taken, and you will be scheduled for tooth extraction as soon as possible.

Tooth damage

In line with impaction and infection, it is possible for newly emerging wisdom teeth to cause damage to nearby teeth. In the case of impaction, wisdom teeth that are left to push against the root of an adjacent tooth could cause a crack or decay. 

Wisdom teeth can mean serious business, so don’t delay! When you feel the warning signs of discomfort, see your dentist immediately to nip the problem in the bud.


It’s normal for your gums to feel warm and inflamed when there is a newly emerging tooth. However, wisdom teeth are different because they take longer to emerge. As a result, the type of inflammation brought about by wisdom teeth can become painful and prevent you from practicing daily dental hygiene. 


A large part of growing your wisdom teeth involves discomfort. Even without any other issues that are caused by their growth, the sensation of a growing wisdom tooth can be incredibly distracting. Since this mostly happens during the teenage years, it can lead to difficulties concentrating at school and can interfere with sleep.

You can take over the counter pain relief to manage your symptoms—but the minute it becomes unbearable, book an appointment with your dentist to see what the cause of the enhanced discomfort is.


You need all the support that you can get while you are growing out your wisdom teeth. It’s easy to overlook the issue and just try toughing it out, but there are serious consequences in just letting the damage caused by wisdom teeth fester in the long run. In these situations, you should have a reliable dentist to help you figure out the course of action you need to take.

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