The Many Advantages of Choosing to Wear a Night Guard

January 25, 2021

One of the more common types of dental services people take on is wearing a night guard. This is usually to protect teeth from being worn down after consistent clenching or grinding, which is a condition called bruxism. There are a few other reasons for wearing a night guard, including:

  • Jaw pain reduction
  • Stop jaw clicking and popping
  • Stop lockjaw
  • TMJ therapy

No matter what it is that has you considering a night guard, here are some of the many advantages that come with choosing to wear one.

Better Sleep

Night guards lessen symptoms while adding more comfort. This gives your sleep patterns a huge boost in turn. Your jaw is positioned in a way which helps your muscles relax. In this way, stress-filled sleep that usually occurs becomes a thing of the past.

Cost Efficiency

The damage to your teeth caused by your nightly clenching and grinding will cost a pretty penny. One of the worst things that can result from teeth clenching is the gradual destruction of your teeth over a number of years. In this case, several restorative dental treatments will be required, some for aesthetic purposes and others for function and health purposes. Overall, it will be an incredibly costly investment that won’t give you much to smile about.

Lessening of Pain and Tension

Night guards are designed by dentists specifically for your teeth. They take into consideration the reduction of stress on your muscles and jaw joints. Your teeth will also remain protected while wear and tear are reduced. They are practical, lightweight and comfortable. As a result, you will feel less pain and tension in your mouth, and even in other parts of your body, like the neck.

Prevention of Headaches

One of the many uncomfortable symptoms of temporomandibular disorders (TMD) are headaches. Wearing a night guard actually makes quite the difference when it comes to this. There are a number of patients who have been surprised that consistent night guard use led to less, if not zero, headaches anymore.

Tooth Damage Prevention

Aside from discomfort and headaches, your clenching and grinding of teeth in your sleep can actually cause damage. Chipped teeth and damaged fillings are just two of the symptoms, alongside excessive wear of the enamel and the teeth itself.


When you finally choose to get a night guard, the process of actually having it is quite simple. There are several advantages to your dental health and in terms of overall pain relief, too. Your best bet is to find affordable dentistry that doesn’t sacrifice on quality and to work closely with your dentist.

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