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November 20, 2020 Dental News

It is only fair that children associate dental clinics as a scary environment, especially when they associate it with tooth extraction or dental injections.

However, it should not always be the case. Dental care is vital to one’s overall health. Early training of your kids will allow you to escape all the drama whenever the dental appointment comes. 

Here are five effective ways to eliminate your child’s fear of dentists and dental clinics! 


1. Get your child accustomed to the concept of a visit to the dentist early on

According to the Australian Dental Association, you do not have to wait until the child has a full set of teeth before you visit the dentist. After all, dental care is not just about the teeth, but also the gums, lips, and everything else inside the mouth. The ADA recommends that parents bring their children to dentists as soon as they get their first tooth, or as early as 12 months old. 

Early visits are necessary so the dentist can track the development of your child’s teeth, monitor any issues, and help prevent dental problems from occurring. Once it becomes a routine, your child will get used to the yearly visits.


2. Talk about the process positively

Most of the time, children get scared of the idea of visiting dentists because of stories they hear from adults’ bad experiences. They learned that services offered by dentists could hurt them.

Instead of saying the statement “it will not hurt”, which implies that it can cause pain, make the message more positive. Say phrases like “it is going to be an exciting experience” or “they will tickle your teeth” to help make them feel better. 

Orient your kid why you need to make this part of your routine. Telling them the reason will make them better understand the need to undergo the process. Explain how important their oral health is and how it is connected to their overall health. Tell them why they need to keep an eye on their mouth and why it should be part of their wellness routine. Sometimes, learning about the consequences of not doing one thing is convincing enough to make them want to do it.


3. Train them early

Let them start young with their oral health care. Give your child a toothbrush and a kid-safe toothpaste and let them clean their teeth even if they cannot effectively do it yet. Teach them how to make the proper motions of brushing and how to spit.

Do not forget to congratulate them after attempting to clean their teeth. Tell them that their dentist will be proud of them. It will make them feel more confident and prepared for their appointment.


4. Let them see how it is done

Whenever you or any from the family will visit your dentist for dental checkups, let them tag along. However, make sure that the person who will undergo the dental process will not scream or scare your kid even more.

Make sure also to choose the type of service that they will see during that visit. An easy checkup or cleaning is a more friendly view than an actual tooth extraction. 

Familiarizing themselves with the clinic – how it looks, who the staff is and what to expect – will help them prepare and feel at ease for their actual appointment.


5. Play ‘dentist’ with your child

Doing some role-playing will make your child feel more comfortable with a visit to the dentist. Pretending to be a dentist and a patient will help the child know what they should expect from an actual visit. Let them play the dentist role too, so they see the value in the job. 



Setting a good example and exposing your child to the concept of oral health and the vital role of dentists will help make the process easier for them. Start early and focus on the positive so that they will appreciate the need to visit the dentist better.

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November 20, 2020 Dental News

When you’re struggling with ongoing pain in your teeth, seeking dental services can be tricky to navigate. You may think that it will go away on its own with time or by changing your routine. However, putting off a visit to your family dental clinic can exacerbate the pain, resulting in an excruciating toothache. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to achieve tooth pain relief. With some guidance, you can learn to avoid the common causes of tooth pain and the available options to remedy them. Here’s what you need to know about tooth pain:


Tooth Pain Causes

In general, tooth pains can come in two categories:

  • Pain caused by dental issues, like damaged teeth and gum disease, and 
  • Non-dental problems, such as sinus infections.

If the sensation persists for more than a day, it’s best to visit a dental professional for toothache relief. 


Dental Issues That Cause Tooth Pain

Here are some of the dental issues that cause tooth pain:

  • Malocclusions, or an uneven bite,  may cause soreness in both the teeth and in the jaw.
  • Tooth decay, which is caused by bacteria in the teeth. It often starts with a cavity, which is usually not painful unless it significantly progresses. If it infects the tooth’s pulp, it becomes abscessed, which is often painful. 
  • Damaged teeth, or chipped, cracked, and broken teeth may lead to tooth pain. It can also cut your inner cheeks and tongue if they remain sharp and untreated.
  • Gum disease or periodontal disease causes gums to become swollen, red, and painful. When left to progress, it often leads to tooth pain.


Non-Dental Issues That Cause Tooth Pain

You may be mystified at the cause of your tooth pain if you aren’t struggling with any dental issues. However, several non-dental problems lead to tooth pain. Here are some of them:

  • Muscle pain around the jaw or skull, especially when overused, can lead to soreness. It may manifest as a toothache.
  • Sinus infections are common non-dental causes of tooth pain. Congestion sometimes fills up the sinus areas at the back of the fluid, putting pressure on it. As a result, it leads to toothaches, which decongestants may alleviate. 
  • Nerve conditions like trigeminal neuralgia can lead to sharp pain in the mouth. 
  • Cluster headaches are a common symptom linked with tooth pain, although doctors have yet to uncover the exact connection. 


Symptoms of Tooth Pain

If you feel pain in your teeth, then there is likely a problem in your mouth that requires immediate treatment. There are different types of pain to identify; it can be sharp, throbbing, aching, or dull, which is highly dependent on the issue. 

If your teeth ache from consuming hot or cold food and beverages for a brief time, then that’s a regular occurrence. However, if it lasts for about a minute or more, then it may indicate an issue with your tooth’s pulp.

However, if you experience pain while chewing or biting may indicate a cracked tooth that had progressed to a more severe issue. However, loose fillings may also be the reason for this pain.

Swollen and painful red gums frequently indicate an abscessed tooth, which means that the infection has spread to the surrounding soft tissues.

Meanwhile, dull, aching pain is often the result of clenching or grinding your teeth. It can cause soreness in the jaw and tooth.

Root Canal | Shoppingtown Dental | Dentist Doncaster


Treatment for Tooth Pain

Your dentist can pinpoint the cause of your tooth pain and carry out many procedures to relieve it. If you have a minor issue, like a cavity, then filling it up is enough to remedy your toothache. However, if the case is more severe, you may need a root canal

Dentists can also recommend new oral hygiene practices to treat the cause. If your tooth pain is a result of gum disease, then frequently flossing and brushing your teeth can help. Your dentist can also do a deep clean to refresh your teeth.



Tooth pain is a common yet uncomfortable condition that happens to millions of people worldwide. It is essential to be aware of the ways that it manifests, as the cause may not be immediately apparent. By understanding the ways tooth pain can occur and how to address it, you can prepare yourself for treatment at your family dental clinic. 

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