Oral Surgery and Wisdom Teeth

Our Team is able to cater to most of your Oral Surgery needs in Doncaster. From wisdom teeth removal surgery to surgical extractions and biopsies.Wisdom teeth can be a big problem as there is usually insufficient room in our mouths for them to fully erupt. As they grow and push, they can cause your front teeth to move out of alignment, bad pain and pressure on your jaws and other teeth and also cause bad gum swelling and infection. Even if they have stopped hurting, if they are impacted at a bad angle, they can cause major problems with the molar in front.

Can wisdom teeth cause headaches?

The growth of wisdom teeth and the development of roots can push against the sinuses located right above and behind. This pressure can cause headaches and sinus pain. It is always tragic to lose a good 2nd molar due to a wisdom tooth causing problems. Often these issues lie dormant for a long period of time before suddenly causing a big problem. We can assess and advise you on your wisdom teeth. It is essential at any age to know if they are present and what to expect of them.

Wisdom teeth surgery costs vary according to the complexity of your tooth condition. Our highly skilled Oral Surgery dental experts in Doncaster will assess and discuss everything with you and ensure your experience is quick, stress free and worry free.

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