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At Shoppingtown Dental Doncaster, we offer a full range of Dental services ranging from simple to complex. We are proud to be able to perform almost all treatment in house, without the need for inconvenient outside referrals. Whether it be a kid’s first check up, routine Check and Cleans, or Cosmetic Dentistry like Veneers and Teeth Whitening, we have you covered. We can assist with DenturesOrthodontics (Braces and Invisalign), Crown and Bridge, Root Canal Treatment, Implants, Wisdom teeth surgery and Oral Surgery. If you need it, it is highly likely we can do it. Speak with our team today if you have any specific needs to discuss in Doncaster, Bulleen, Doncaster East, Templestowe and the surrounding areas.

  • Fillings, Crowns, Veneers
  • Routine Family Care (All ages)
  • Dental Emergencies
  • Implants and Dentures
  • Orthodontics (Braces, Invisalign)
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Oral Surgery and Wisdom Teeth
Fillings, Crowns, Veneers

If you have a cavity, we need to repair it as soon as possible! Leaving cavities unattended will cause deterioration and can eventually lead to the nerve dying in the tooth and an abscess. It is always easier and cheaper to fix a problem if you do it early on! Our Dentists use the most up to date techniques and filling materials on the market.

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Routine Family Care (All ages)

At Shoppingtown Dental Donaster, we love to see the entire family. We see kids and adults of all ages, and coming to the Dentist for your routine check up and cleans is always fun when the whole family is involved! Our gentle, caring Team will make your kids’ visits fun, pain free and enjoyable, so they grow up liking the Dentist! We highly recommend a check up an clean every 6 months.


Dental Emergencies

Nobody likes a toothache! It is important to get a toothache seen to immediately! Dental infections and abscesses can spread very quickly, causing facial swelling, severe pain and it could even be life threatening. Never delay in seeing us if you have any sort of toothache. 


Implants and Dentures

Dental implants have now become very easy and affordable. They are usually the best way to replace missing teeth. We are the leading Implant experts in Doncaster. At a consultation appointment, our Dentists will assess and discuss implant options with you along with easy, Interest Free payment options available for dental implants in Doncaster.


Orthodontics (Braces, Invisalign)

Straight teeth are essential to a beautiful smile! With orthodontics, we can move your crooked teeth to achieve that perfect, straight smile that you have always wanted. The best thing about Orthodontics is that you keep your natural teeth in their original state and no trimming or drilling is involved. If you have bad crowding or misaligned teeth, you might also be at greater risk of uneven tooth wear, gum disease, decay and long term issues.


Root Canal Therapy

When the nerve in a tooth has become infected and starts to cause an abscess, the only way to save the tooth is to do a root canal treatment. Gone are the old days and horror stories, these days root canal treatment is easy, quick and practically pain free. Your Dentist will ensure you are totally numb before starting treatment and in 2-3 short visits, you tooth can be treated and saved.


Teeth Whitening

When done professionally with us, teeth whitening is a safe, easy way to really brighten up your smile! We offer in-chair, instant whitening and also take home whitening. With simple, Interest Free payment plans, there is no need to delay. Talk to us about your teeth whitening in Doncaster options today!


Oral Surgery and Wisdom Teeth

Our Team is able to cater to most of your Oral Surgery needs. From removing troublesome wisdom teeth, to surgical extractions and biopsies. Wisdom teeth can be a big problem as there is usually insufficient room in our mouths for them to fully erupt. As they grow and push, they can cause your front teeth to move out of alignment, bad pain and pressure on your jaws and other teeth and also cause bad gum swelling and infection.


Shoppingtown Dental is your go-to destination for a dentist in Doncaster East. Our team of highly skilled and caring dentists will be with you every step of the way to help you showcase your lovely smile.

Our many happy reviews prove that we are the best Doncaster East dentist in the area and we want you to experience our superior service. Unsure about what services we offer? Check out our full range of services that you can find from our dentists in Doncaster East:

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Allen Wang
Allen Wang
00:22 11 Sep 21
Very friendly and skilled dentists at Shoppingtown Dental. Would highly recommend.
Mia Dench
Mia Dench
05:18 30 Aug 21
Absolutely love coming in to see Andy and Michelle! They always make my experience at the dentist a 10/10
Chrissa Tsakalofas
Chrissa Tsakalofas
05:39 27 May 21
Thank you Andy for a great clean and checkup. Gentle clean with excellent results
Cindy Mulder
Cindy Mulder
01:49 21 Apr 21
Dr Frank has been our dentist for the last 12 years. He’s been so gentle with the kids and they have never been scared of the dentist. He is honest and his treatment is conservative. Very skilful dentist.I can’t recommend this practice high enough to anyone.We’ve also seen Dr Andy a few times and he is also very good and more
04:11 11 Apr 21
Amongst the chaos during 2020, I experienced agonising dental pain but I was anxious about coronavirus transmission as I had a tight schedule, stressfully studying for my year 12 exams. Nonetheless, i visited shoppingtown dental to see my family dentist Frank, but was referred to Jannen instead. Jannen was extremely experienced in diagnosing and formulating a treatment plan that was suited for me. He was efficient in the way he worked and effortlessly helped me extract all my wisdom teeth. I can tell that he was very experienced and capable at extractions. My wound healed perfectly fine and had a consult with another dentist Dr Andy Kuo and was made at ease as he was really good at communicating and answered all my concerns. Very happy with my experience once again at shoppingtown more
Virginia Mendoza
Virginia Mendoza
02:57 09 Apr 21
Really happy I found this practice. Staff are friendly and helpful, and it’s not every day you get a dentist who truly listens and ensures you’re comfortable and pain free at every step like Dr Andy Kuo! My kids actually like visiting too because it’s such a positive experience. Definitely my go to more
Yuet Cheung
Yuet Cheung
01:15 09 Apr 21
I have been seeing Dr Frank for over 10 years, along with my entire family. What started as seeing a convenient gentle dentist turned into the best family dentist we could’ve asked for – Dr Frank and his team have watched my children grow up from primary school children, and in fact inspired 2 of my youngest children to similarly study dentistry!!Nonetheless, as of recent times Dr Frank’s availability have seemingly restricted, however the team at shoppingtown dental does not disappoint. Dr Andy Kuo is also an amazing dentist – he is incredibly caring and friendly, and explains the treatments and cost very thoroughly. I will definitely be back for his services. I owe a lot of my family’s dental care to the team at Shoppingtown dental!read more
MI Bhatti
MI Bhatti
11:44 03 Apr 21
I have been with Dr Frank Yang for years but now a days whenever you make an appointment Dr Frank Yang is NOT there. Someone else is available and his service is hopeless. He did my filling twice and it fell down. Once filling is done at te level and stayed may be 3 to 4 weeks and 2nd time filling is done below the teeth level damaging one side of the teeth. The guy seems a new graduate who is filling for Frank. He is always in hurry making more money for less time.The other guy from Vietnam is bit better. But as long as Frank is NOT there I have decided NOT to go there. Without Frank Yang quality is poorer to one star out of more
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