Everything You Should Know About Dental Emergencies

January 28, 2021

Even folks who are incredibly conscious of their dental hygiene are prone to dental emergencies. They are definitely not fun to undergo—and if you brush and floss regularly while avoiding sugar, it may seem downright unfair to still have oral health issues!

Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life: everyone is prone to experiencing dental emergencies, regardless of age or time.

What makes matters worse is that most dental emergencies happen at night. You may wake up with inexplicable tooth pain or figure that your tooth is coming loose as you brush your teeth before going to bed. In such cases, your best bet is to go ahead and book yourself an emergency appointment with your dentist. 

Discomfort and pain are glaringly obvious signs of a dental emergency, but it begs to question: what are the other symptoms to watch out for that indicate it’s a dental emergency? Here are some issues that should have you picking up the phone and calling for dental services: 

Braces brackets getting detached

Braces are crucial because they change the way your teeth fit, and they can also help correct the likes of overbites. When part of it becomes detached or loose, that needs to be looked at immediately! 

An orthodontist can fully correct this, though other dental professionals can temporarily reattach it to avoid further discomfort and damages. After all, the last thing you want is for your teeth to incur any damage. You also don’t want inadvertent delays in the overall orthodontic procedure.

Facial swelling

If you have swelling on your face—and it’s accompanied by pressure on your face, jaw, or throat— then you should get that looked at immediately! It could signify that there’s an abscess—an infection that is usually at your tooth’s base—that has to be addressed. Alternatively, your wisdom tooth could be impacted, which can be painful if not treated immediately.

Loose tooth

Gum disease or trauma are usually initially indicated by a loose tooth. Chewing or eating with a loose tooth can be dangerous because it could loosen to the point of detachment. 

Grinding, as in bruxism, can also cause this to happen. While it may not necessarily hurt, the health implications are rather intense if not addressed as soon as possible.

Missing crown or filling

When you lose one of your fillings or crowns, there’s sure to be some discomfort. Fillings are usually enough when a cavity is detected, but significant damage needs a crown! It’s important to see a dentist right away, because a refit should not be delayed. Doing so will lead to more chances of an abscess occurring. It can also cause more decay. 

Teeth that are cracked or chipped

One of the most common issues for kids and sports-oriented adults, when you have a tooth that’s cracked or chipped, it’s time to see the dentist right away. 

Cracks and chips aren’t necessarily uncomfortable—but it leaves room for bacteria to enter the tooth. When that happens, an abscess might occur, or any dental sensitivities will be exacerbated.


A dental emergency can strike at any time, even if you take stellar care of your dental hygiene. You can wake up with tooth pain, a gum infection, or any number of indicators that may or may not be painful. It’s important not to delay getting assistance in order to prevent any abscess, damage, or decay.

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