Do You Need Dental Crowns: Here Are 5 Signs That Say You Do

June 21, 2021

Dental crowns are a permanent dental restorative solution that involves the application of a dental “cap” on top of a damaged tooth to cover, protect, and fix the shape of the tooth when fillings are no longer a viable option. 

Every year, about 2.3 million crowns are made, which shows just how common it is to get a dental crown. In fact, it is included in most clinics’ dental services. But how do you know that a dental crown is the right solution for you? 

In this article, we will share five telltale signs that indicate you should definitely consider getting a dental crown: 

You’ve Got an Extremely Decayed Tooth

If you have tooth decay and it has affected more than half of your tooth, your dentist will most likely tell you that a filling won’t work anymore. A dental crown will probably be recommended as it can help save the tooth and avoid extraction, though you should know that it won’t protect you from gum disease.

You’ve Had a Root Canal 

When you get a root canal done, your dentist will drill into your tooth to remove the decay. This is needed for the root canal. However, this procedure leaves the tooth weak and vulnerable to fractures, especially when you chew hard pieces of food. What your dentist will probably do is apply filling to the hole and then cover the tooth with a crown.

Your Tooth Is Broken or Fractured

Perhaps you play contact sports, or maybe you’ve been in an accident that left you with a broken tooth. Whatever the cause may be, the solution is likely the same – a crown. This will support and strengthen the tooth that has been damaged.

Similar to how it is with cavities, it is mainly the severity that dictates whether you are going to get a filling or crown.

Your Teeth Are Heavily Stained or Misshapen

Grinding your teeth or bruxism can change your teeth’ shape as it slowly chips away from the enamel. On the other hand, smoking cigarettes, consuming too much coffee, and maintaining improper oral health care can also lead to staining or discolouration of teeth.

If your teeth are misshapen or severely stained that it affects your confidence and the way you talk or smile in public, you should call your family dental clinic to know more about dental crowns and whether your dentist sees them as the best option for you.

You Have Weak Teeth

Weak teeth may be caused by a number of different reasons, including decay, enamel loss, injury, or even a large filling. The problem when you have weak teeth is that they can be very sensitive and painful.

If this is a problem you’ve been having for some time, then you should ask your dentist about the possibility of getting crowns for your weak teeth. Remember that crowns can protect and strengthen your teeth and keep them safe from further damage.


If you experience any of the signs mentioned above, you shouldn’t think twice about speaking to your dentist about it. Crowns are an affordable dental solution that could be what you need to restore your beautiful smile.

They can also address problems like broken or chipped teeth, stained teeth, weak teeth, and more. Nevertheless, your dentist will ultimately determine whether or not they are the best option for you.

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