3 Care Tips to Keep Your Teeth Clean With Invisalign

While Invisalign and traditional braces both work towards the same goal, they go about it quite differently. Compared to conventional braces, Invisalign offers a much easier caring procedure. Simply because you can take it out, you can take care of your teeth normally, ensuring healthy teeth during the straightening process. That being said, knowing howLeer Más

dentist checking patient's teeth

Do You Need Dental Crowns: Here Are 5 Signs That Say You Do

Dental crowns are a permanent dental restorative solution that involves the application of a dental “cap” on top of a damaged tooth to cover, protect, and fix the shape of the tooth when fillings are no longer a viable option.  Every year, about 2.3 million crowns are made, which shows just how common it isLeer Más

woman flossing

4 Tips to Improve Your Dental Hygiene, Habits, and Health

People know the importance of brushing their teeth, yet most fail to do it properly, while the rest forget to include it in their routine altogether. It’s true that brushing your teeth twice a day won’t completely protect your pearly whites from oral complications, but it’s worth keeping good dental hygiene to improve your healthLeer Más

Boy with missing teeth

Family Dental Care: What Are the Signs of Dental Emergencies?

While some of your dental visits are regular check-ups, others are for dental emergencies. But what exactly is a dental emergency? Signs of Dental Emergencies? How would you know if it’s actually an emergency? What you might deem as a medical emergency can be different from a dentist’s perspective. For instance, a chipped tooth mightLeer Más

dentist working on child patient

Why You Should Find a Bulk-Billing Dentist for Your Kids

Your child needs proper dental care, but it can get costly. If the cost is your concern when it comes to your child’s dental care, then you’ve come to the right page. You get the services of a bulk-billing dentist to help you save more on child dental costs.  What to Know Before You SeeLeer Más

Dental implants

The Best Options to Replace Missing Teeth—What to Know

Our teeth have a lot to do with our confidence. Having a complete set of teeth allows us to smile genuinely and enjoy every moment of our day. But with missing teeth, it could hinder us from living life normally!  There are a multitude of causes as to why we have missing teeth, but thereLeer Más

dental floss kit

Keep Your Teeth Clean Thoroughly – Why You Should Floss Regularly

A lot of people don’t floss regularly and believe that brushing twice a day is enough. Brushing your teeth and using mouthwash will not guarantee a clean mouth. You need to floss DAILY to ensure excellent oral health.  The Importance of Flossing Brushing your teeth combined with flossing will help remove plaque and other leftoverLeer Más

family dentist working

How Having a Family Dentist Will Improve Your Oral Health

One of the biggest hindrances to having good oral health is the failure to make regular trips to the dentist. While good oral hygiene practices are a good start, making regular trips to your dentist for professional dental services is the only way to really make sure that your teeth are in good condition. Typically,Leer Más

Tooth repair

What You Need to Do When You Have a Chipped Tooth

Oops! You trip and fall while taking a walk, hitting your face on the sidewalk. Getting up, you’re suddenly aware of a sharp pain in your cheek. Running your tongue over your teeth, your stomach drops when you realise that you’re missing a piece of one tooth.  This situation isn’t as uncommon as you’d think.Leer Más


6 Tell-Tale Signs Your Dentures Need Refitting or Repair

Signs Your Dentures Need Refitting Dentures have been around for many years now. They are often the go-to solution for people who are missing one or more teeth. When fitted correctly, dentures allow the wearers to smile confidently, speak properly, and eat normally.  If you are one of the 20 million Americans wearing dentures, youLeer Más


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