The Best Options to Replace Missing Teeth—What to Know

June 10, 2021

Our teeth have a lot to do with our confidence. Having a complete set of teeth allows us to smile genuinely and enjoy every moment of our day. But with missing teeth, it could hinder us from living life normally! 

There are a multitude of causes as to why we have missing teeth, but there are also a great number of solutions available for us. For some, missing teeth doesn’t seem so bothersome now. Although in the long run, there are multiple risks to not replacing our missing teeth, such as your hygiene and oral health. 

Let’s talk about these unsightly gaps and learn the best option for dental services to replace those missing teeth.

Why should we replace missing teeth?

Missing teeth could be found in the front of your smile. They could also be found in the back of your mouth, where no one really sees them! Either way, it’s important to note that missing teeth affect the function of your teeth, wherever they may be. 

When a tooth is missing, the teeth in your mouth adjust to compensate for the gap. This puts stress on your other teeth, possibly leading to loose sockets and eventually more tooth loss in the future. In another way, missing teeth can also cause your jaw to shrink due to bone loss. Additionally, missing teeth can also hinder you from usually mindless tasks, such as biting and chewing.

A Number of Solutions

With today’s modern technology, any dental centre could provide you with a tailored service that suits your needs. Dentists may offer dated treatments such as dentures, for example. But for a situation like missing teeth, dental implants would be highly recommendable because of their unmatched benefits!

Dental implants are meant to be surgically implanted in your jaw. They’re crafted and moulded to match your natural teeth so that it gives a more natural fit. They fill the gap and provide a true-to-life appearance; but, it’s not always about aesthetics. 

With dental implants, you’ll be able to restore your full bite force, as compared to dentures and bridges that only deliver 25%-35%. Following the procedure, they become permanent fixtures in your mouth, allowing you a full range of jaw movement, from talking and chewing, to smiling and socialising!

Moreover, dental implants are meant to stimulate your jaw, prevent bone loss and further tooth loss, and retain facial structure. This specific dental treatment can be deemed more affordable and cost-effective in the long run. With its quality, seamless procedure, and natural appearance, it’ll be like nothing ever happened!


Going to the dentist may continue to be an intimidating task, but it’s helpful to remind yourself that even one visit can help you in terms of finding solutions for your oral health. Especially with numerous affordable dentistry solutions available, regular checkups are worth your time and your dime!

Make it a habit to take care of your teeth and seek advice from professional dentists for both minor and severe dental cases.

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