Are Sodas to Blame for Tooth Enamel Damage?

December 7, 2020

Few things are more refreshing than taking an ice-cold during a hot summer day. While many people opt for smoothies or beers, others enjoy the cool kick of soda. Even though these bubbly beverages are great for coping with sweltering weather, they can have irreversible side effects on your teeth.


These fizzy drinks may be sweet and delicious, but these are high in acid, which can devastate the dental health of children and adults alike. Soda can even damage your tooth enamel within the first sip, posing an even greater risk for children and adolescents, who tend to grind their teeth at night. 


The Irreversible Enamel Damage Caused by Sodas

Even though you make it a habit to brush your teeth thirty minutes to an hour after consuming a high acidity drink, it’s often too late to undo the damage. Whether you allow yourself or your children to indulge in the rare soda or drink it in moderation, the first sip is already enough to compromise your dental health, causing the enamel to erode. 


In fact, brushing your teeth after drinking soda can actually worsen the damage. Given the high acid that coats the enamel after gulping down a fizzy drink, it leaves your enamel soft, making it susceptible to even more damage. The best case is to stay away from such acidic beverages, as it is difficult to rehabilitate your teeth after, even with extensive dental procedures.


How Drinks With High Acidity Can Damage Teeth

Many people, especially children aged two to 19, love drinking sugary beverages. Although it’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy these drinks from time to time, excessively consuming them will increase the risk of sugar interacting with the bacteria naturally present in our mouths. Once the bacteria eat the sugar, it produces acid, further dissolving the tooth enamel’s surface. Unfortunately, many sugary beverages are also high in acidity, doubling the resulting damage.


Once the tooth enamel’s outer surface erodes, it exposes the tooth’s inner layers, making it vulnerable to diseases. It also leads to increased sensitivity and pain, causing dental caries or infections and cavities that can remove the minerals from your teeth. These infections can also eviscerate the hard tissues of your teeth, such as the dentin, cementum, and enamel, which require extensive treatment from dental services.


Reducing the Risk of Tooth Enamel Loss

Given the numerous health issues that result from tooth decay, the best course of action is to prevent it altogether. One way to do this is to eliminate sodas from your diet, as it causes damage at first contact. However, cutting back as much as possible is another way to preserve your teeth, although it won’t be as effective.


You can also drink fluoridated water after consuming soda, which will dilute the remaining sugar in your mouth. Using a straw when drinking sugary beverages will lessen the contact with your teeth, allowing you to enjoy the taste without harming the enamel. If you’re fond of brushing your teeth after eating or drinking, be sure to wait an hour after drinking acidic or sugary beverages to allow your enamel to harden again.



Sodas can extensively damage your teeth thanks to its high acid content, making it essential to curb these from your diet. However, their delicious and refreshing taste is difficult to give up permanently, so reducing your intake will help maintain your oral health. When in doubt, be sure to visit your local family dental clinic to catch any issues in your teeth before they worsen.


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