5 Dental Tips and Tricks to Keep In Mind During the Holidays

January 25, 2021

The holidays are often a time of increased consumption for everybody. People do certainly eat and drink a lot more during these months, which creates a number of concerns related to their oral health. Your teeth and gums will likely be exposed to food and beverages that may affect them in certain ways. 

As such, we have created this list of dental tips to make sure your teeth stay safe during the holidays, as compiled by professionals at the best dental clinic in Doncaster.

1. Balance your diet with healthy food

This season is the time to enjoy yourselves, and no dentist will ever presume to believe that you will stop yourself from indulging. That being said, it is still important to eat teeth-healthy foods such as crunchy fruits and vegetables. Carrots and whole grains, for one, are a great choice.

2. Avoid certain foods

Sticky, chewy, hard, gummy, and highly sugary foods are never good for your teeth and gums. That includes candy canes, soft mint chews, ice cubes, chestnuts, and many other holiday regulars. While occasionally snacking on these foods is fine so long as you keep up with your dental care, it is still important to keep your consumption of them as low as possible. If they can be avoided entirely, do so, especially if you already have pre-existing oral conditions. 

3. Drink water

One of the simplest ways the caring Dentists at Shoppingtown Dental Doncaster recommend you can protect your oral health is to drink enough water. The simple act of drinking water and rinsing your mouth after every meal can wash away unhealthy plaque and keep your teeth and guns safe until you can floss and brush, which brings us to the most important step. 

4. Maintain your daily oral health routine

We recommend that you floss, brush, and gargle at least twice a day. If you expect to be travelling during the holidays, make sure to bring a dental kit so you never miss your routine. This can ensure that you avoid unnecessary trips to the dentist during and after your travels. 

It doesn’t stop there, however. It is important to make sure you are brushing and flossing with the right technique to avoid injuring your teeth and gums. Make sure to consult your dentist about this on your next visit. 

5. Schedule a post-holiday checkup

Shoppingtown Dental Doncaster is often flooded with visits after the holidays, especially since many people develop problems in their teeth and gums from all the things they were exposed to. As such, it is important to have your appointment scheduled already. That way, you can enter the new year with few concerns about your oral health. 

Final thoughts

The holidays should be a fun time, but if you neglect your oral health during this time, you might just end up with a bad set of teeth by the end of it. Preventing this begins by employing these dental tips and tricks. Not only will you make your dentist proud, but you will also keep your teeth and gums healthy. 

If you’re looking for a Doncaster dental clinic to prepare you for the holiday food binge, set an appointment with us at Shoppingtown Dental. We provide gentle, professional, and quality dental care for the whole family.

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